Undergraduate Ethics Symposium

Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 10:00
Lehigh students from CAS, RCEAS, and CBE will be discussing ethical issues in various fields of study,  at Lehigh, and in today’s society.
You are invited to attend the Symposium to learn and engage in discussions with your peers about these interesting and important issues.
The Symposium is free and open to the public. 
Registration is highly desirable by March 20. To register, click here...
Lunch is provided. 
For more information, to register, or learn how you can submit a presentation for consideration, go to the Undergraduate Ethics Symposium site.
Symposium Participants
Julia May ’21 (CBE)
“Cheating on Exams? A Professor’s Dilemma”
Asante B. Asiedu ’19  (CAS)
“Adinkra Symbols and Ethical Conduct”
Patricia Sittikul ’19  (RCEAS)
“My User’s Keeper: The Role of Ethics in Human-Computer Interactions”
Mikayla Spott ’21 (CAS)
“Ethical Implications of Using Organoids in Research on Alzheimer’s Disease”
Andrew Goldman ’19  (RCEAS)
“Climate Change and Ethical Responsibilities”
Harry W. Ossolinski ’20  (CAS)
“Critique of U.S. Drug Policy”
Megan Gottschall ’20 (CAS)
“Gender and Being-in-the-Flow”
Rebecca Salsburg–Frank ’19 (RCEAS) and Tori Campbell ‘19 (RCEAS)
“Educational Systems and Prison Systems”
Victoria McCulley ’19 (CAS)
“Sustainable Entrepreneurship in International Development Projects”
Kelly O’Brien ’21 (CBE)
“Knowledge of Fraud: What Should You Do?”
Courteney Shakia Parry ’22  (CAS)
“The Violent Predator Act and the Need to Reform the Juvenile Justice System” 
Iman Mosley ’20 (CAS) 
“Definitions of Mental Health: Biology, Narrative, and Self”
The symposium is made possible by the ENDOWMENT FUND for the TEACHING of ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING